Zalewa nas coraz więcej danych. Co z tego, że możemy wiedzieć w każdej chwili wszystko skoro… nie możemy tego znaleźć? Polecam świetny dokument: Web 3.0. z udziałem ludzi, którzy stworzyli współczesną WWW.

To fragment z transkrypcji filmu:

Weinberger (2:37): We have too many emails, so we start to tag them or label them, Gmail calls them labels. And we start to apply labels. And then we get, maybe we start to get hundreds of labels and we think, Oh jeez, now I gotta label my labels.

Hebeler (2:48): All the tweets and all the MySpace and you start to think, What if I could start to put things together in all that flow of information? And in order to do that, you need some structure.

Alon Halevy (2:59): It’s clear that something needs to be done with more structured data.

Dixon (3:03): Like all the information might be out there, it’s just if it’s indexed in a really inaccessible form, you know a lot of times it might as well not be out there, right?

Shirky (3:09): That is, in many ways, the problem of the age. Right, content, as it turns out, is not king.

Weinberger (3:15): We are always going to be filtering the filters that filter our filters. That filter our filters.

Hebeler (3:20): How do I find the right file? How do I know that all those files belong there?

Spivack (3:24): How do you integrate data?

Jason Shellen (3:25): How do I keep up with all these new sources of information?

Shirky (3:29): How do you filter things to create more value than you can currently get?

Hebeler (3:33): And that is what the Semantic Web could eventually promise to do.

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